Meesha Shafi


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  1. U know it z impossible to write a comment bcoz my eyes doesn’t allow me for to do ths they want stay on ur pic and look it for as long as they can …awesome …it z common for u someone write about ur pic tht its awesome but who can understand …the level of awesome…”is sadgee bhare chehre par koi dag na lagne dena ,is muskan par kisi ko havee na hone dena ,,chahne wale to bahut h magar,samander se aye is khat ko mitane na dena”
    u r gd nd……tc

  2. Hi we are looking out for meesha shafi with band in Mumbai (India) in the month of November please share your contact or the concern person who look after the shows

  3. Your voice texture is fabulous, would you sing if I make the lyrics ?

    I don’t know how but hope the god(Allah) whom we belong to will give the words to me which were perfect for your voice.

    But the question of me to my god(Allah) is that, would you sing for us ?

    sameer rathod(jayesh)

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