Meesha Shafi most versatile girl ever, Siddy Says!

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Meesha Shafi writes about re-inventing the classics.

Meesha Shafi writes about re-inventing the classics in DAWN news. Read full article below:


Meesha Shafi gives first ever interview with her mother; veteran actor Saba Hamid.

tumblr_naghzeZtmR1tfp9rto1_500-Meesha Shafi with her mother Saba Hamid.

“A lot of people don’t realise this, but a lot of hard work goes into getting where you are before finally being noticed.”

– Meesha Shafi


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Meesha Shafi is on the Pakistani Academy Selection Committee (PASC) for the 87th Academy Awards


Meesha Shafi: “Looking forward to playing my part in the Oscar Selection Committee. What a treat to watch and critique some of the most promising Pakistani films of the year. This is precisely the kind of incentive our filmmakers need to actively produce great cinema and most importantly, dream big!” Read More…